Sterling assists clients with the acquisition and management of real and personal property, including:

  • Residential property
  • Investment real estate and business assets
  • Art, antiques, and collections
  • Automobiles, yachts, helicopters and airplanes

For personal residences, we work with real estate professionals to handle all the details of the sale of a current home, the search for and purchase of a new home or vacation property, as well as the move from one home to another. We also work with architects and builders when clients want new construction.

Sterling assists clients with all aspects of the sale and acquisition of business assets and tangible property. Services include the purchase and sale of private companies or businesses, as well as transactions involving the acquisition, lease, or sale of private property such as boats, airplanes, automobiles, fine art, and antiques.

Our experience in this area is vast, including negotiating venture capital investments, commercial real estate transactions, the sale of private companies, and the purchase and sale of franchises and their interests and rights. Sterling also specializes in the financial analysis of assets including real estate, privately-held limited partnerships, and venture capital investments.