I resolved to stop accumulating and begin the infinitely more serious and difficult task of wise distribution.

Andrew Carnegie

Sterling’s family office clients benefit from the integration of their philanthropic goals with their estate and income tax planning, investments and family circumstances.

Founded in 1998 as one of the first national charitable consulting and management firms in the United States, Sterling knows the business of Philanthropy. We work with you to ensure that your charitable gifts are effective in achieving your goals, are leveraged to provide maximum benefit, and provide opportunities for family members to be involved in implementing your vision and values. This can be achieved through a variety of charitable activities:

  • Sterling can help you set up and manage your own private foundation or public charity
  • Sterling can seek out and evaluate charities and causes that you support or are interested in supporting
  • Sterling can serve as your liaison with charitable organizations or educational institutions, helping to develop specific programs, evaluate effectiveness, provide strategic advice, etc. to make sure your investment is protected
  • Sterling can work with your family members to help them implement your philanthropic goals, or to develop their own vision of charitable giving

Sterling’s experience in these areas is unmatched. We are not only skillful advisors, we are also experienced personal charity leaders ourselves. Our principals have started and run public charities, served as trustees of many non-profit organizations, managed large private foundations, evaluated numerous charities, as well as developed charitable-giving strategies for many client families. We stand ready to help your family and you leave a lasting legacy through your philanthropy.