A family office is a private firm that manages a wide variety of needs for high net-worth clients. John D. Rockefeller established an early model of the family office in the late 19th century to manage his family’s fortune. That model was adopted by others and is known today as a single-family office, serving the needs of one high net-worth family. Sterling is what has come to be known as a multi-family office, serving a restricted number of select clients and their families. Our family office concierge services include but are not limited to family, health, education and lifestyle issues to the acquisition and management of real and personal property to alternative investment and philanthropy. Sterling is a trusted partner in some of the most important issues facing our clients. Our mission is to help clients manage their affairs so they have more time to spend on the people and activities most important to them.
There are four main differences: 1) Sterling does not custody assets and does not receive commissions or referral fees on the products or services we recommend, which means our advice and recommendations are completely objective; 2) Sterling works directly with your existing investment, tax and legal advisors to maintain continuity for our clients and to ensure the proper checks and balances are in place; 3) Sterling’s family office clients have direct access to trusted, experienced advisors 24/7, with responsiveness that is unprecedented in the industry; and 4) Sterling understands that each client is unique and provides clients with an individualized approach, using innovative solutions to achieve an impact that is unrivaled.
Since 1998, Sterling has worked with some of our nation’s wealthiest families. While each client’s needs are unique, these experiences give us the benefit of the cross-fertilization of ideas in solving the complex issues facing high net-worth clients. Additionally, we have built a strong network of experts from around the world on a wide range of issues – health, education, security, real estate and construction, art acquisition, philanthropy, etc. And finally, our dedicated team of professionals has decades of experience working at the highest levels of the corporate, financial, political and philanthropic worlds and draw from their broad range of skills, deep experience, sound judgment and strategic insights to provide clients with superior results.
Absolutely. Since Sterling does not custody assets of provide tax or legal advice, our services are complementary to those of financial advisors, attorneys and CPAs. We work closely with each client’s team of professionals as a trusted advisor who has one goal in mind – to do what’s best for our clients.
Yes. Sterling’s Family Office Concierge Services are highly customizable and can be tailored to meet your unique needs – including those of your family and extended family. Sterling’s deep knowledge and extensive experience ensures that your family members have access to the best resources to secure their future.
Sterling reviews your portfolio and makes recommendations to ensure you are protected against economic uncertainty and, even worse, potential economic collapse. In addition to planning for “black swan” events, Sterling works with the nation’s top security experts to deal with the chronic physical and virtual problems of protecting your property, your assets, your family and yourself. We provide unique solutions that fit your needs to give you peace of mind.
Yes. At Sterling, we are adept at anticipating and planning for your future needs and those of your family. Clients often come to us during a crisis – unfortunately, in many cases, on matters that could have been prevented or mitigated earlier. This is understandable. Most people put off thinking about risks because they are unpleasant and difficult to predict. Sterling lifts that burden by offering you objective advice, deep experience and strategic insights.

Yes. Sterling has extensive experience working outside the US. We advise clients with extensive real estate and business holdings in other countries, manage a variety of issues facing clients who live outside the US, facilitate the moving needs of family members to other countries, and many other non-US-based activities and transactions.
Sterling does not custody assets and refuses to take commissions and referral fees of any kind. This ensures our clients get the best, unbiased advice and advisors possible. Our fees are negotiated with each client depending on the range of services provided.
Sterling considers client confidentiality to be of the upmost importance. The identity of our clients is closely guarded, and specific information is only shared with prior approval directly from the client. While Sterling does not publish a list of our Family Office Concierge Services clients, we can certainly provide references who can attest to our our trustworthiness, knowledge, expertise and dedication.