It is often said that a company is only as good as its people – Sterling epitomizes this philosophy. Our team has decades of experience working at the highest levels of the corporate, financial, political and philanthropic worlds. Every Sterling client has direct access to this dedicated team of professionals who draw from their broad range of skills, deep experience, sound judgment and strategic insights to provide clients with superior results.

Just as important as experience are the personal qualities of honesty, integrity and loyalty – qualities upon which a lasting relationship of trust and respect can be built. To that end:

  • Sterling does not custody assets or provide tax, legal or investment advice, making our services complementary to those of financial advisors, attorneys and CPAs.
  • Sterling works closely with each client’s own team of professionals as a trusted advisor who has one goal in mind – to do what’s best for our clients.

Above all, the Sterling Difference is reflected in our commitment to helping our clients reach their goals by using our Individualized Approach and providing Innovative Solutions to achieve Unrivaled Impact.

Success is a collection of problems solved.

I. M. Pei

Individualized Approach

Sterling knows that every client is unique – no two foundations, donors, family office clients or CRT beneficiaries are the same. They have different goals, different values, different circumstances and different needs. That’s why Sterling approaches each client without preconceived notions or predetermined solutions. We develop and implement flexible programs individually designed to meet each client’s specific needs, no matter how complex or challenging they may be.

Innovative Solutions

Sterling’s management team has deep knowledge and extensive experience that we draw upon to advise our clients. Sometimes the right solution is simple and straightforward – and Sterling executes that plan effectively and efficiently. But more often than not, the right solution for a Sterling client is more complex and may require additional consideration and insight. That’s when Sterling stands apart from its competition – devising innovative solutions to help clients reach their goals.

Unrivaled Impact

Sterling’s positive impact on the lives of our clients is wide-ranging and long-lasting. Our Ultra High Net Worth Concierge Services assist clients and their families with plans and projects they may be unable to undertake without Sterling’s help. These clients have the peace of mind knowing that Sterling has the expertise to get the job done right – no matter what it is.

Our CRT Secondary Planning provides clients with options they never imagined possible for exiting a charitable remainder trust that no longer works for them – freeing up cash for investments, to support children, grandchildren, charitable causes or other activities that better fit their current needs.
Sterling’s comprehensive Philanthropy Services help clients achieve their philanthropic goals to make the world a better place. Sterling works closely with our clients to develop charitable programs that maximize resources and leave lasting legacies.