Billions are wasted on ineffective philanthropy. Philanthropy is decades behind business in applying rigorous thinking to the use of money..

Michael Porter

Sterling Foundation Management works collaboratively with the existing team of professionals advising our clients to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their philanthropic activities. We provide comprehensive management and advisory services making it easy for you to provide your clients with a first-rate charitable organization. In effect, we can do everything except the investment management and custody functions that remain with financial advisors and their firms.

Sterling's services complement most advisors' services. Since we do not manage assets or provide direct investment, tax or legal advice, our services are not competitive with investment advisors, financial planners, wealth managers, estate attorneys, tax attorneys, insurance sales professionals, etc. In fact, in the great majority of cases, our services strongly complement those of other advisors.

By removing the paperwork and compliance burdens from you and your client, Sterling enables your clients to reap the benefits of having a foundation or other non-profit organization without any of the hassles. Sterling makes it easy and convenient for you, as a professional advisor, to recommend a charitable organization to your clients.

Not only are charitable organizations excellent solutions for certain clients to achieve their philanthropic goals, but there are additional benefits to advisors as well, including:

  • Investment advisors can maintain or may increase their role supporting their client’s philanthropy.
  • Charitable organizations offer excellent opportunities to take profits in highly appreciated stock positions, without incurring capital gains taxes.
  • Total portfolio after-tax returns may increase by holding taxable income producing assets in a tax-exempt foundation.
  • Private foundations and other charitable solutions provide advisors with an additional tool to use to attract new clients.
  • Charitable planning vehicles may enable advisors to keep under management retirement plan assets upon the death of the client (without planning these may be taxed at 80 percent).
  • Opportunities to work with the next generation of investors are often advanced through philanthropic organizations.
  • Charitable organizations give advisors an opportunity to create goodwill in the community.
  • For advisors who provide life insurance, charitable organizations offer important additional life insurance marketing opportunities.