Philanthropic innovation is not just about creating something new. It also means applying new thinking to old problems, processes and systems.

Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen

In our view, success in philanthropy means Making Philanthropy Make a Difference. Sterling’s role is to help our clients make sure their charitable resources are used effectively and are leveraged to provide maximum benefit. We do this by putting our decades of knowledge, skill and practical experience to work for them.

Sometimes this means advising clients on the operations of their own charitable organizations. Other times, it means using our expertise to enhance the work of the charities and causes our clients support. Whether Sterling manages the charitable organization or not, we provide an Individualized Approach and apply Innovative Solutions in order to make an Unrivaled Impact.

Here is just a sampling of the kinds of advisory services Sterling can provide:

  • Strategic planning and facilitation
  • Original program design and development
  • Scholarship program development
  • Donor intent, succession planning
  • Family engagement
  • Board development and search
  • Best practices review
  • Hiring assistance and compensation analyses
  • Non-cash/complex donation guidance
  • Impact evaluation

In addition, Sterling also serves as a philanthropic advisor to our Ultra High Net Worth Concierge Services clients. These clients benefit from the integration of their philanthropic goals with their estate and income tax planning, investments and family circumstances.