Project Manager

Jan Najera has more than two decades of leadership and project management experience in helping clients achieve and exceed their goals and expectations. She is known for her attention to detail, problem-solving abilities, collaboration and strong interpersonal skills. 

Since 2007, Jan has been a Project Manager at Sterling Foundation Management where she focuses on maintaining back office support and record keeping, accounting, payroll, tax returns and IRS compliance for non-profit entities.

Upon graduating from college, Jan was commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Army where, for the next four years, she led various organizations in Europe, defended the Cold War border against the former East Germany and was deployed to Iraq where she participated in combat operations during Operation Desert Storm. Leaving active duty in 1993, Jan spent the next 14 years as a Family Readiness Group Leader where she provided communication and assistance in various locations around the world to help maintain the readiness of soldiers, families and communities within the Army by promoting self-sufficiency, resiliency and stability during peace and war.  

Jan earned her undergraduate degree from The University of Kansas.