Sterling provided a valuable service to me and my family by facilitating the successful liquidation of our CRT income interest. They were attentive, professional, easy to work with and able to find a buyer within a tight timeframe, allowing us to close the transaction by year’s end.”

Winter K. Mead, San Francisco, CA

Sterling pioneered the market for the sale of CRT income interests and developed the CRT rollover technique. Today, we are the leading provider of CRT Secondary Planning services, having reviewed thousands of CRTs and have successfully arranged over a thousand sale and rollover transactions.

Our process starts with a Complimentary Review. At no cost or obligation, we will provide a thorough review of the secondary planning options. Once we have the information we need, we will send you our review, typically within two business days.

It’s important to note that not all CRTs are good candidates for an income interest sale or rollover. However, if a transaction is appropriate, we will explain in detail and guide you through every aspect of process.

In the case of a CRT income interest sale, we will seek an appropriate buyer. The buyer places the purchase price in escrow. When all the details have been satisfied, the escrow company will release the purchase proceeds to the seller. Typically, a CRT income interest sale or rollover transaction can be completed in two to four weeks from the decision to proceed with the transaction.

To learn more, contact Sterling's CRT team at 703-677-8747 or [email protected].