Sterling Foundation Management is the industry leader in Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) secondary planning, specializing in CRT income interest sales and CRT rollovers since 2003.

The videos below describe in detail the positive and lasting impact Sterling has made in helping our clients achieve their financial and charitable goals. You can also read written testimonials from many more clients and professional advisors who know our work and understand the value of the services we provide.

Barry Bondroff, Advisor and CPA, Works With Sterling on CRT Rollover To Make His Client’s Children Beneficiaries

Barry Bondroff had a client who no longer needed the forced income from the regular payouts of her charitable remainder trust, nor did she want the tax bill that came with it. Instead, she wanted to let the principal of the trust stay invested to continue growing tax deferred and to eventually make her children the income beneficiaries of the CRT. Barry contacted Sterling and learned about the CRT Rollover, a unique strategy for clients who own CRTs that no longer fit their estate planning needs and would like to make a change.

Sterling Helps Kim Edgar Sell CRT Income Interest After Divorce


Kim Edgar set up a charitable remainder trust years ago with her husband. After the couple divorced, Kim wanted to know if there was a way to split the trust and so they could go their separate ways. Sterling helped Kim and her ex-husband sell the income interest in their CRT and divide the proceeds. Not only are they no longer tied together by the trust, but the sale has given Kim the freedom to start her own business, travel and spend more time with her kids.

Marty Hambel Uses Sterling’s CRT Rollover To Ensure His Wife Carole’s Income is Protected

Years ago, Marty Hambel funded a Charitable Remainder Trust and listed himself and his wife as contingent income beneficiaries. After his wife passed away, Marty remarried Carole. He became concerned that Carole’s living standards might suffer after his passing, but he didn't want to pay a big capital gains tax on the sale of his CRT. Marty contacted Sterling, who helped him roll his current CRT into a new CRT and add his wife as a beneficiary. Now the trust will continue making income distributions for the rest of his and his wife's lifetimes.

Don Mehlig Sells CRT Income Interest, Ends Administrative Hassles

Don Mehlig, Chairman of M Advisory Group, had established a Charitable Remainder Trust more than two decades ago. However, over time he decided that the accounting fees and red tape required to administer the trust just weren’t worth the hassle. When Don received one of Sterling’s letters in the mail, he decided to call to learn more about our program. We reviewed Don’s trust and quickly realized that a sale of his CRT’s income interest was the best path
forward for him. Don received a sizeable cash payment and freed himself from the burdensome requirements of his CRT.

Barry Gorsun Sells CRT Interest Income, Reinvests Proceeds, Generates More Income

Barry Gorson, President of Top Gun Sales Performance, established a Charitable Remainder Trust in 1994 that was performing relatively well. When Sterling informed Barry of the possibility of selling his CRT’s income interest, he became intrigued and decided to explore the

option. After Sterling conducted a thorough analysis of whether to keep or sell the income interest, Barry decided he would be better off taking the lump-sum payment and reinvesting the proceeds. Sterling guided Barry through the sale process, and he is now earning more than he
was when he had the CRT.

David Seems, Advisor, Shares Positive Experiences Working with Sterling From Both the Client and Advisor Perspectives

David Seems, Managing Partner of Business Advisors LLC, recently worked with Sterling on a Charitable Remainder Trust transaction for one of his clients. He explains in detail how Sterling took the time to educate him and his client and guide them through the sales process.


I am a financial advisor and just completed the sale of the income interest in my personal CRT. It was a new concept to me, and I was amazed at the excellent communication and education I received and the efficient service and expediency of the transaction. I have been very impressed with the Sterling team and I feel fortunate to have found a unique new resource for my clients.

Marlo L. Stil
Rancho Mirage, CA

Once I crunched the numbers, selling my CRT lead interest was an easy decision for me. Sterling found a buyer willing to pay more for my CRT interest than I could have gotten from keeping the CRT, and I am better off financially because of the transaction. Any person with a CRT should look hard at the sale option. Very satisfied client.

Josh T. Barnes
Charlevoix, MI

After nearly 15 years of holding our CRT we determined that it was no longer as good a fit for our objectives as it once was. The Sterling team walked us through the process and provided us with the transparency we needed. Working with the people of Sterling was straightforward, with every step clearly laid out and executed. We were pleased with the financial results and their professionalism.

Ray & Andrea Kingman
Monterey, CA

I recently sold my CRT income interest through Sterling Foundation Management. All my queries were answered accurately and in a timely manner. Sterling found us a buyer for the amount we wanted and the paperwork was handled smoothly after that. We closed the deal within weeks, without any glitches. I will highly recommend Sterling.

Naveen Chanana
Torrance, CA

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My parents established a CRT in 2002. The trust gave them a meaningful up-front tax deduction and several years of income – so it had worked well – but in recent years we grew increasingly frustrated with the limited options available to utilize the value of the CRT. We visited with several professionals, including our CPA firm and our estate attorney. No one had any solution other than staying on the same path. When we received a letter from Sterling about the sale option, we were intrigued, but hesitant. We were further intrigued when we saw the numbers, which clearly favored a sale. After review and sign off from our attorney and our CPA on both the transaction and the credibility of the Sterling, we moved ahead with the sale. We were pleased with the entire process. Sterling was easy to work with and the final numbers were as they had communicated from the very beginning. We wanted the best value possible from the CRT, and the sale got that for us. I give Sterling my full recommendation and highly encourage other CRT income beneficiaries to consider this option.

Paul Cook Heber City, UT

For me, the decision to sell my income interest through Sterling was purely an economic one. I didn't need the money and was not displeased with how the trust had performed. But when I have the opportunity to sell something - in this case my CRT income interest - for more than it's worth to me to keep it, I do it. The capital gain tax treatment of the sale proceeds was also appealing, as was removing mortality risk (no longer do I have to outlive my table-driven life expectancy to achieve the anticipated value from the CRUT). The process itself was straightforward and Sterling easy to work with. Any CRT holder should consider this option.

Hank O'Hara San Jose, CA

The process proceeded smoothly and precisely as Sterling advertised, and it was a pleasure to work with your associates. It's a relief to have simplified our finances as we age, and having money now for our grandchildren's college education is a much better use of the value of the CRT.

Robert Rettig Greenbrae, CA

Within a two-week time frame, I had a lump sum of cash and no more costs/hassles with administering the trust. Sterling is knowledgeable about CRTs, took the time to guide me through the documentation requirements, and answered my questions in a timely manner. Very grateful. Thank you, Sterling Foundation Management.

Regenia Clark Griffin, GA