CRT Secondary Planning Services - Testimonials

As the industry leader in CRT Secondary Planning Services, Sterling has reviewed nearly 8,000 charitable remainder trusts and successfully arranged interest income sales and rollover transactions for more than a thousand CRT Beneficiaries.

The client videos below describe their interaction with Sterling and the benefits they received from their CRT transactions. You can also read written testimonials from many more clients.

Video and written testimonials from professional advisors can be found in the For Advisors section.

Kim Edgar

Kim Edgar set up a charitable remainder trust with her husband. Many years later, when the couple decided to divorce, Kim wanted to know if it was possible to split the trust. Kim contacted Sterling, and we helped them sell the income interest in their CRT and divide the proceeds. Not only is the couple no longer tied together by the trust, but the sale gave Kim the freedom to start her own business, travel and spend more time with her children.

Carole and Mary Hambel

Years ago, Marty Hambel funded a Charitable Remainder Trust listing his wife and himself as contingent income beneficiaries. After his wife passed away, Marty married Carole. He wanted to make sure that Carole would be financially secure after his passing, but he didn't want to pay capital gains tax on a sale of his CRT income interest. Sterling helped Marty roll his current CRT into a new CRT and add his wife as a beneficiary. Now the trust will continue distributing income to them for the rest of their lives.

Barry Gorsun

Barry Gorsun, President of Top Gun Sales Performance, established a Charitable Remainder Trust in 1994 that was performing relatively well. However, when Barry learned from Sterling about the possibility of selling his CRT income interest, he was interested in exploring his options. After he received Sterling’s thorough analysis, he determined that he would be better off taking the lump-sum payment and reinvesting the proceeds. Sterling guided Barry through the sale process, and he is now earning more than he was when he had the CRT.

Don Mehlig

More than two decades after establishing his charitable remainder trust, M Advisory Group Chairman Don Mehlig decided it wasn’t worth the hassle of the accounting fees and red tape. That’s when he turned to Sterling to learn more about our CRT Secondary Planning Services. At no cost to him, we reviewed Don’s trust and recommended a sale of his CRT income interest. Don received a sizeable cash payment and freed himself from the burdensome requirements of his CRT.