CRT Owners (cont.)

“My family’s long term financial objectives were no longer in sync with the continuance of our CRT. But inquiries into alternatives to keeping it proved fruitless. So when we received a mailing from Sterling offering us a remedy that had proven elusive, we viewed it with a weather eye. However, through conversations, emails, and the prompt receipt of all the resources we requested, Sterling satisfied our skepticism with fact and reassurance at every juncture. The process from introduction to the final wiring of our funds was concluded without a glitch in a couple weeks. A heartfelt thank you!"

- Dr. Harvey Estren
Lindenhurst, NY

“After nearly 15 years of holding our CRT we determined that it was no longer as good a fit for our objectives as it once was. The Sterling team walked us through the process and provided us with the transparency we needed. Working with the people of Sterling was straightforward, with every step clearly laid out and executed. We were pleased with the financial results and their professionalism."

- Ray & Andrea Kingman
Monterey, CA

“We wanted to enjoy the maximum dollar result possible. Sterling’s was by far the best and easiest solution.”

- Donald J. Poinsette
Hilton Head Island, SC

"A mailing from Sterling caught my eye and I responded to learn about the sale of my CRT income stream. I got a prompt response. That was followed up with a conference call with Sterling and my financial advisor at Morgan Stanley. After some additional review, I decided to go forward with the sale. The mechanics on the transaction went very smoothly and much quicker that I expected. Thanks so much for the professional way in which you handled the entire transaction.”

- Larry J. Smith
Hot Springs Village, AR

“This is to certify that I am delighted with my experience with Sterling Foundation Management in connection with the sale of my interest in a Charitable Remainder Unitrust.

 My wife and I set up a family CRT more than ten years ago. When I received an offer in the mail from Sterling to arrange for the sale of the Trust, I first did some internet research that convinced me that such transactions are indeed legitimate and can be mutually advantageous. I then contacted Sterling by email, and within a few days received a price quote for our interest in the Trust. Subsequent discussions and document exchanges resulted in my receiving a check in full for an agreed-upon value of our income interest within about one more month. All my interactions with Sterling representatives have been prompt and professional, and I certainly recommend Sterling to anyone who might like to consider liquidating an interest in a Charitable Remainder Trust.”

- Bert Raphael
Los Altos Hills, CA

"In all of my dealings with Sterling Foundation Management, I found their staff to be professional, straightforward and expeditious in the sale of the CRT income interest.”

- Gregory Fulginiti
Cape May Court House, NJ

"Many thanks for concluding the successful sale of our CRT income interest. Diane and I were both pleased and impressed with your handling of the sale procedure and, in particular, appreciated the way you clearly explained the process to us.”

- Ian Tait
Mill Valley, CA

"I received a letter from Sterling about my CRT...being a rather cynical attorney, I almost pitched it in the shred bin, but I was curious enough about the concept to make a phone call to Sterling. I'm sure glad I made that call! After a preliminary discussions with Sterling, I ran it by my financial advisors and accountant, and they were on board with the sale as well, to the point that my financial advisors are going to be working with Sterling to offer this to other clients! The entire process was smooth, courteous, professional, and efficient. If you have a CRT, I highly recommend contacting Sterling!"

- Steve Schreiner
Gig Harbor, WA

“The process was quick, simple and without any aggravation whatsoever. My husband and I were expertly led through what could have been a lengthy and cumbersome process; instead, it was not difficult in the least. We are most appreciative of the efforts and time granted to us. Every question was answered, every detail was seen to in a more than timely manner, every email and phone call returned almost immediately. One can ask for no better from a company. You are, quite simply, the only company we will recommend. Thank you once again for making this process one that not only gave us financial insurance but also did so in a fair manner.”

- Ruth Cohen
Scottsdale, AZ

"I recently sold my CRT income interest through Sterling Foundation Management. All my queries were answered accurately and in a timely manner. Sterling found us a buyer for the amount we wanted and the paperwork was handled smoothly after that. We closed the deal within weeks, without any glitches. I will highly recommend Sterling."

- Naveen Chanana
Torrance, CA

"When my wife and I retired, we set up three CRTs. Over the years, our regular charitable contributions increased to the point where our annual donations were beyond original expectations. We wanted to continue giving at or above current levels but also wanted to pass the legacy of giving to our children. We were not sure how to accomplish this until we received a letter from Sterling Foundation Management that appeared to offer a viable solution. We have not been disappointed! Sterling assisted us in a positive and professional manner. We were able to find a buyer for our CRT income interests at an excellent price. We will use those proceeds to continue to expand our current giving levels. One day we will pass the remainder to our children so they too can further experience the joy of giving. Thank you Sterling!"

- Larry & Joyce Coffey
Prescott, AZ

"I recently sold my CRT income interest through Sterling Foundation Management. Consistent with the many testimonials received in due diligence, the process was straightforward and I found Sterling to be highly competent, helpful, courteous and responsive. They worked in conjunction with financial advisors on my CRT, helping to complete the transaction in the timeframe I desired. I was very pleased financially with the outcome and would encourage other income beneficiaries to consider the sale option through Sterling."

- Larry Duckworth
Suwanee, GA

"My parents established a CRT in 2002. The trust gave them a meaningful up-front tax deduction and several years of income – so it had worked well – but in recent years we grew increasingly frustrated with the limited options available to utilize the value of the CRT. We visited with several professionals, including our CPA firm and our estate attorney. No one had any solution other than staying on the same path. When we received a letter from Sterling about the sale option, we were intrigued, but hesitant. We were further intrigued when we saw the numbers, which clearly favored a sale. After review and sign off from our attorney and our CPA on both the transaction and the credibility of the Sterling, we moved ahead with the sale. We were pleased with the entire process. Sterling was easy to work with and the final numbers were as they had communicated from the very beginning. We wanted the best value possible from the CRT, and the sale got that for us. I give Sterling my full recommendation and highly encourage other CRT income beneficiaries to consider this option."

- Paul Cook
Heber City, UT

"Sterling was extremely patient and helpful every step of the way."

- JoAnn Leahy
Atlanta, GA

"I want to thank Sterling for the very professional and competent manner in which you handled my transaction. I would certainly work with you on future transactions and you are welcome to refer me to other potential sellers as a reference. Thank you again."

- Paul Rhines
Cedar Rapids, IA

"We were handled promptly in all respects. Those who know me better would attest that is a REAL compliment to Sterling. Can't sum it up better than by saying I wish I had more business to do with Sterling."

- Frank La Fetra
Cupertino, CA

"A quality organization. The people with whom I dealt from my first communication to the last were knowledgeable, caring, capable and professional. I recommend Sterling to anyone with a CRT...I will be forever grateful."

- J. LaRayne Olson
St. Paul, MN

"For me, the decision to sell my income interest through Sterling was purely an economic one. I didn't need the money and was not displeased with how the trust had performed. But when I have the opportunity to sell something - in this case my CRT income interest - for more than it's worth to me to keep it, I do it. The capital gain tax treatment of the sale proceeds was also appealing, as was removing mortality risk (no longer do I have to outlive my table-driven life expectancy to achieve the anticipated value from the CRUT). The process itself was straightforward and Sterling easy to work with. Any CRT holder should consider this option."

- Hank O'Hara
San Jose, CA

"Working with Sterling Foundation Management was a pleasure. They were straightforward to deal with and were very efficient throughout the process."

- Lee DiCola
North Canton, OH

"Thanks for working with me on the sale of my family's CRT income interest. You helped me understand the sale clearly and kept everything smooth throughout the process. My attorney confirmed the sale was a good fit for us, the numbers were good, and your documents were too. My thanks to Sterling for your true professionalism and great service."

- Casey Cronin
Indianapolis, IN

"Sterling was wonderful to work with. They went out of their way to make sure I understood all the details of the transaction. I would recommend them to everyone."

- Pamela Trapani
Atlanta, GA

"The process proceeded smoothly and precisely as Sterling advertised, and it was a pleasure to work with your associates. It's a relief to have simplified our finances as we age, and having money now for our grandchildren's college education is a much better use of the value of the CRT."

- Robert Rettig
Greenbrae, CA

"We are very happy with how you handled this for us. We were looking for an option like this for some time and none of our legal or financial advisors could come up with this type of "exit" plan for our CRT."

- Vamsee Lakamsani
Livermore, CA

"This is just a short note to let you know how satisfied I was with Sterling Foundation Management. The purchase of my CRT went considerably smooth and the team was personable, helpful and completely professional. I was a little apprehensive in the beginning, because I wasn't sure about how the whole operation worked, but you guided me through it and it all turned out well. I am sure that I would be willing to do business with Sterling again. Thanking you in advance, I remain."

- Sharon Stella
Bel Air, MD

"Thanks so much for your efforts in concluding our CRT transaction. Even though it seemed complicated to us, you made it real easy with all of your detailed instructions. We are very satisfied with the results. Come see us when you come to Dallas. Go Cowboys!"

- Frank Means
Dallas, TX

"Until I received the mailing from Sterling, a sale of the income interest in a CRT never occurred to me. After checking it out with my accountant, I called Sterling. Their information reinforced what I was led to suspect - that a sale of my income interest today would maximize the potential value of my Unitrust. Sterling then finalized the sale from inquiry to payoff in under three weeks. They answered all questions and expedited the entire transaction in an efficient and professional manner. I am grateful for Sterling's services and the financial harvest they reaped for me. Thanks again!"

- Charles "Bud" Hargrave
Lexington, NC

"Simply put, your service is outstanding."

- Larry Hulack
New York, NY

"Please accept my appreciation for the arrangement Sterling Foundation Management devised regarding my mother’s Charitable Remainder Trust. My mother is pleased with the financial agreement that was reached and the ease with which I, as her executor, was able to accomplish it on her behalf. Your patience and willingness to put the time and explanation into the details assured me that the transaction was in good hands. Thank you for your sensitivity to the wishes of my mother and the professionalism you exhibited in shepherding this transaction to completion."

- Diane Dallmeyer
Richmond, VA

"Our CRT had become more of a nuisance and tax reporting expense than originally planned. I was always advised by my attorney and CPA that there was no way to “unwind” the trust once it was established. When I received an inquiry through the mail from Sterling Foundation Management LLC, I was quite skeptical of the ability to sell the lead interest in the trust. Following numerous conversations with Sterling representatives who provided supporting documentation and meetings with my financial advisors, the lead interest sale was deemed legal and allowable as a long-term capital gain. I am extremely happy with the outcome and the ability to use the money towards worthwhile community needs while I am still alive. Thank you Sterling!"

- John Calhoun
Clarklake, MI

"This past summer I was thinking about getting out of my CRT but had concluded it may not be possible. Out of the blue, I received a letter from Sterling about potentially selling my CRT income interest. Not knowing them I was skeptical, but I decided to share it with a family friend who is an attorney. He reached out to Sterling for more information and shortly thereafter determined that my CRT income interest was indeed salable. In less than 2 months the sale was completed and I received a lump sum payment on favorable terms. I am very happy with the result."

- Marshall Diamond
Honolulu, HI

"Don’t mistake this for a liquidity play. I was much more interested in removing the life risk I faced with respect to me CRT. While I suppose if I live 10 years longer than my life expectancy selling and keeping my interest might be a push, I’ll gladly take the opportunity to lock in those payments today and remove the risk that I don’t live that long and leave money on the table for my family. I also liked the fact that I’m converting future ordinary income into capital gain income today. And one less tax return to deal with. This simplifies my life and I’m grateful to Sterling for assisting me with the sale. What a great service."

- Aros Reeves
Geraldine, AL

"Until we received a letter from Sterling, selling the income interest in our CRT was not something we’d ever thought about. Sterling made it easy for my wife and I to complete the sale. There were no surprises and we are thrilled with the result. The financial outcome was excellent. Thank you, Sterling!"

- David Goeddel
Hillsborough, CA

"Our experience with Sterling in the matter of selling the future interest in our Charitable Remainder Trust was truly outstanding. From the initial contact through completion of the transaction their staff handled the process with total professionalism. We had many questions that were critical to our understanding the intricacies of the process. All were answered in a timely, compassionate and precise manner which added greatly in reassuring us on the entire procedure. Everything turned out exactly as described."

- Bob Benton
Ocean View, DE

"I am very pleased with the professionalism and speed with which Sterling handled the sale of my CRUT interest. Thank you, Sterling."

- Marian Alexander
Keswick, VA

"We want to thank the Sterling and their exceptional staff for a courteous, positive, educational and financially rewarding experience."

- Gary Whitney
Caldwell, ID

"Sterling answered my questions and those posed by my CPA and attorney. They also provided references to other clients who put me at ease. Sterling can make it happen for you.”

- Frank Kim
Denver, CO

"For me, the decision to go ahead was easy. I could simplify my finances and taxes and get good value out of my trust interest. I heartily recommend Sterling if you find yourself in a similar situation."

- Johannes Schmidt
Los Altos Hills CA

“I am so much better off with my personal finances thanks to Sterling. Excellent service - fast, accurate, and courteous.”

- Bruce Edgar
Carlsbad, CA

“Within a two-week time frame, I had a lump sum of cash and no more costs/hassles with administering the trust. Sterling is knowledgeable about CRTs, took the time to guide me through the documentation requirements, and answered my questions in a timely manner. Very grateful. Thank you, Sterling Foundation Management.”

- Regenia Clark
Griffin, GA

“I found the process of selling our income interest a most simple and expeditious one. Probably the easiest and quickest transaction I have ever been a party to. Sterling's staff was professional and quick to respond to any questions we had.”

- Bill Kleven
Scottsdale, AZ

“I want to thank Sterling for the fine job they did in arranging the purchase of our CRT income interest. The transaction was straightforward and fair to me, and they took care of all the complexities. I was pleased with the  outcome.”

- Steve Coggeshall
San Diego, CA

“We first explored the sale of our income interest a couple years ago and have been in touch with Sterling on and off since that time. As we've gotten older, we've simplified things and felt like selling our CRT income interest would be a good way to continue along that path. We looked at the numbers a few times, talked with several references Sterling provided, and ultimately decided to move forward. Sterling made the process easy and we completed a sale in just a couple of weeks. It was the right move for me and my family and we're all very happy we did it.”

- Charles Asbury
Boothbay, ME

“Our CRT worked well but after several years we really grew tired of the hassle. The sale enabled us to escape the paperwork burden the trust imposed and exit at a premium to the value of the income stream. The favorable tax treatment of the sale proceeds was an added bonus.”

- Bill Hill
Houston, TX

“I had received letters from Sterling over the years and the options they described were always in the back of my mind when thinking about my CRT. I was going through a divorce when I decided the time was right to reach out. Sterling provided a clear review of all my options and the decision to sell was a pretty easy one for me. I found the sale process to be seamless and surprisingly straightforward.”

- Carlos Merino
Haiku, HI

“I wanted to simplify my financial affairs and the separate tax return for my CRT was an obstacle to that. I decided to sell my income interest to remove that obstacle and completed the sale just a couple of weeks later. I should have contacted Sterling years ago. I'd recommend them to anyone in a similar situation.”

- Lola Stansell
High Point, NC

“Just a quick note to thank the staff at Sterling Foundation Management for one of the most professional experiences I have been involved in throughout my business career. Selling my income interest was something I never thought would have been possible until I discussed it with Sterling. Can’t thank everyone who was involved enough.”

- Bill Shaw
La Verne, CA

“In addition to my unease about market valuations, I was growing nervous about social, political and economic stability. Ultimately, I decided the safest bet for me and my family was to convert our CRT income interest to cash. Sterling provided a thorough and unbiased review, which I discussed with my advisors. Everything checked out and we completed the sale a short time later. My family and I are now in a much better position to deal with economic and political uncertainties in the years to come.”

- Jim Rogers
Scottsdale, AZ

“The transaction went very smoothly, and it was a pleasure to work with you.”

- Don Freriks
Rainbow City, AL

“My husband and I had a CRT for quite a long time. We grew tired of the administrative hassle and we started to explore the possibility of selling our income interest in the trust. After my husband unexpectedly passed away, I decided it was really time to simplify things. Sterling made the process easy for me and worked with me to complete the sale in a timely fashion.”

- Carol Matsumura
Honolulu, HI

“After quite some time thinking it over and, after many years of enduring the administrative burden of managing my CRUT, I was ready to move on by selling my trust interest. The staff at Sterling not only found a buyer for my trust interest, they were extremely helpful in providing reference information to allow me to more fully understand the precedents, benefits and processes involved. Sterling made the closing process easy and timely. The sale of my trust interest met two main objectives for me, reducing the administrative burden and providing immediate financial liquidity for other investments that better suit my current and future financial objectives. I was very pleased with their service and attention to detail.”

- Rocky Kabotsky
San Jose, CA

“I am a college professor, but when I decided to sell my income interest, I felt I needed to take a college class myself! There was so much of the terminology and process that was new and confusing to me. However, from the beginning, the staff members at Sterling were incredibly patient and clarified everything to me as we proceeded. They were frequently in touch with me by phone and email and were very pleasant to work with. Not once did I feel I was without expert and helpful guidance. Based on my exceptional experience with Sterling, I can highly recommend this company to anyone.”

- Sandra Desjardins
Scottsdale, AZ

“No doubt there are many reasons for selling one’s interest in a CRT. For us, the sale was part of a larger effort to simplify our financial affairs. The transfer of ownership facilitated by Sterling went very smoothly. I had many questions, and all were answered in a clear and timely manner. I would certainly recommend Sterling to anyone who is interested in selling their CRT income interest or just contemplating the opportunity.”

- Gerald Neufeld
Point Roberts, WA

“Our recent experience with Sterling Foundation Management was very professional. They were helpful throughout the entire transaction and obviously are very knowledgeable. They were pleasant and always available when we needed any questions answered. Highly recommend.”

- Jim Kaminski
Gretna, NE

“The entire team at Sterling was helpful and professional.  We were looking for a way to relieve ourselves of the responsibility of our CRT and they provided the perfect solution. They were always available to explain the process and answer all our questions.  They were never pushy and always patient.  When we were ready to proceed, they provided a simple and speedy process to get the transaction done.  Once all documents were signed by buyer and seller, we had our cash disbursement within 2 days. We were very pleased with the entire experience.”

- Pat Baker
San Diego, CA

“After years of ignoring Sterling's literature, I attended one of their webinars.  I determined that selling my CRT income interest was financially attractive, and I'm happy not to have to deal with the CRT anymore.  Service was professional and helpful.  Thanks, Sterling!”

- John Sloan
Corvallis, OR

The Sterling Management Foundation team was professional, and easy to work with. They relieved our fears and simplified the process with easy-to-understand communications. We recommend them for selling an income interest in a Charitable Remainder Trust.

- Mark Mandel
Tucson, AZ

Professional Advisors

"Sterling arranged the sale of my client's income interest in a term CRT. The transaction was financially fulfilling to my client, as the sales price exceeded the values of other options they had with respect to the CRT. Both our firm and the client found the process straightforward and Sterling easy to work with. We won't hesitate to turn to Sterling again when the client facts fit."

- Benjamin T. White, Partner
Alston + Bird LLP
Atlanta, GA

"I worked closely with Sterling to complete the sale of a Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) income interest for valued clients. My clients and I were very happy with the result, which saw my clients receive lump-sum payments at a desirable premium to net present value. The process was very straightforward and all my dealings with Sterling were open, honest and highly professional. I would not hesitate to work with Sterling again on future CRT transactions and would recommend them to any advisor wanting to secure a similar desirable outcome for their client."

- Karen Streisfeld-Leitner, Counsel
McLaughlin & Stern LLP
New York, NY

"All advisors ought to know that this potential for liquidity exists. It creates important flexibility for the client, which may have significant economic value. If you make a client aware and they don't want to do anything, no one is out. But if you don't tell them, and they might have benefited, they could be hurt and that could be an actionable omission. So it's clearly a case where it makes sense to inform all clients who have CRTs that they may be able to benefit from a sale of their lead interest."

- Alan P. Dye, Partner
Webster, Chamberlain & Bean, Washington, DC
Chairman, Washington Non-Profit Legal and Tax Conference

“Over the past 25 years, CFO4Life has worked with a wide array of different people with different situations. In that time, we have reviewed countless strategies with one goal in mind: to help people achieve financial independence and the peace of mind that comes with it. One of the most exciting strategies we’ve come across is Sterling Foundation Management’s liquidity option for CRTs. As is our usual practice, we carefully and thoroughly researched the area. We concluded that for a number of our clients, a sale of their CRT interest would offer them a significant benefit. We have worked with Sterling to complete sales for many of these clients, and continue to work with them where it makes sense for the client.

Today more than ever, clients need advisors who can help our clients achieve their financial goals. If you have clients who have CRTs, you need to know whether a sale of their CRT interest would help them.”

- Levi McMellian, CPA, Managing Director
CFO4Life/LPL Financial
Dallas, TX

“Sterling worked diligently with me and my client’s counsel to educate us on the CRT income interest sales transaction. In the end, they made the entire process simple and painless for my client, and were always responsive, thorough, and sensitive to our needs.

Because of my client’s advanced age, I was skeptical that Sterling could find a buyer willing to pay a premium in line with those typically garnered through their program. But Sterling spent the time necessary to locate a buyer willing to pay such a premium, enabling my client to benefit tremendously.

I am now working on another CRT transaction with Sterling and expect them to deliver comparable value. I would highly recommend that any advisor with CRT clients leverage this unique and value-added service.”

- Mark D. Arlen, MBA, CFP
Lincoln Financial Advisors
Denver, CO

“Two of my long-term clients approached me about Sterling’s CRT Program. Given the concept was new to me, Sterling took the time necessary to educate me on the transaction, prior to even considering my clients’ CRTs. I immediately understood and appreciated the value in their program, and Sterling quickly comforted me from both a compliance and regulatory standpoint. I must say that for what seems on the surface to be a complicated transaction, Sterling has a knack for making it easy to understand for clients and their advisors. The transaction itself went very smoothly and provided significant value for both of my clients. I’m already looking for more ways to continue working with Sterling.”

- Vincent E. Westerman, Founder
The Westerman Group
Cleveland, OH

“My client needed more cash than her CRT was providing, but a lump sum cash payment for her entire CRT interest was not the best outcome. A trusted friend and colleague referred me to Sterling. They understood my client’s unique situation and provided a custom solution which my client utilized to sell her CRT interest at an attractive premium to present value. Importantly, the solution Sterling came up with not only satisfied my client’s cash needs, but it also kept in place an income stream which she can reply on in the future, which was important to me, as her financial advisor. My client and her trustee were very pleased with the results, and so was I.”

- O.D. “Buzz” Christensen, Jr., CLU, ChFC
Lincoln Financial Advisors
Salisbury, MD

“We just completed our second CRT income interest sales transaction with Sterling. They were very responsive and highly communicative throughout the entire sale process. The expectations they set up front regarding sale price were clear and ultimately achieved. Our client was very happy with the result. We will continue to utilize their CRT Program again when it becomes appropriate for a client.”

- James R. Feek, CEP, RFC, Managing Director
Conover Feek
Kirkland, WA

“A long-term client of our firm sold his transportation business 10 years ago and set up a NIMCRUT. He had deferred the income for the trust’s duration, but was concerned about market losses within the trust and what rising tax rates would do to his future income stream. The sale of his lead interest was one of five potential solutions which were analyzed. Our client’s CPA and our firm ran the numbers and, with Sterling’s help, presented the various options to our client. After a Holiday cruise, our client came back with his decision: he wanted the most money, which meant the sale of his CRT interest. Over the next few months, Sterling – along with our client’s tax, legal and financial advisors – facilitated the sale of our client’s lead interest. While the transaction was complex, with various moving parts, it was seamless from our client’s perspective. More importantly, it created significant value for him and his family. Just as the decision to create his CRT was sound and in his best economic interest, so was the sale of his lead interest in that same CRT a decade later.

Where the client facts fit, Sterling’s CRT program is a big value-add. All advisors with CRT clients would be remiss if they did not consider and offer this extremely attractive exit strategy.”

- Jim Dyer, Co-Founder
Wealth Preservation Institute
Chicago, IL

“I was very pleased with the service that Sterling provided for a CRT sale. They were very professional as well as very comprehensive in supplying the information and material we needed in order to make this transaction possible. My client is very happy with the outcome!”

- Tiffany A. O’Connell Gillis
O’Connell Gillis LLC
Needham, MA

“I recently helped a client sell his CRT interest through Sterling’s CRT Program. My client was concerned about market instability and this gave him the ability to re-gain control of a valuable income source. He was very pleased, and so was I.”

- Bruce C. Johnson
Bruce C. Johnson & Associates
Rockville, MD

“I recently worked with Sterling to sell the income interest in a client’s CRT. The firm was very knowledgeable, professional and efficient. Documents were prepared in a timely manner, calls were promptly returned, questions were answered. Every aspect was straightforward and transparent. The client was delighted by the amount received in the sale which he was then able to better allocate as part of a broader estate plan. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sterling to anyone who has clients wishing to sell their CRT income interest.”

- Scott Gunderson
Attorney at Law
Reno, NV

“Sterling has facilitated the sale of CRT interests for two of my clients over past couple years. In both cases my clients and I were very happy with the outcome. I'd recommend Sterling to anyone with a CRT who wishes to liquidate their interest, and in doing so, receive maximum financial value.”

- Marvin J. Rudnitsky, Managing Partner
Rudnitsky & Hackman LLP
Selinsgrove, PA

“I've been speaking with Sterling for years so was well aware of their service for facilitating the sale of CRT income interests. I just had my first opportunity to work with Sterling when a client sold their CRT income interest. The transaction was completed very efficiently and my client was happy. Sterling was obviously very experienced and I was able to see first-hand that Sterling is a top-notch firm.”

- Robert K. O'Dell, Co-Founder
Wheaton Wealth Partners
Wheaton, IL

“Thank you for doing such a good job for our client. From beginning to end you handled it in a very professional and expeditious manner. I was impressed.”

- David A. Heitzenroder, Founder
Rosewood Capital/Commonwealth Financial Network
Pittsburgh, PA

“Sterling facilitated the sale of my client’s CRT income interest. Both my client and I are very happy with the result. From a procedural standpoint, closing the sale was seamless. Sterling was very responsive to any questions we had along the way. I look forward to working with Sterling again in the future.”

- Denny Mullen
Mull Capital
Scottsdale, AZ

“Two of our clients sold their CRT income interests in transactions facilitated by Sterling. A key benefit of working with Sterling was the simplicity and smoothness of the process. We were very impressed with the expertise and professionalism of Sterling, including their technical competence, excellent communication and quick response time. We look forward to working with Sterling again in the future.”

- Joel Baker & Kathryn Courain
The J R Baker Group
Buellton, CA

"Sterling just completed the sale of my client’s CRAT and CRUT income interests. It was a positive experience all around and my client is happy. The sale process was straightforward and Sterling was very capable and easy to work with."

- Rosemary Sanchez
Garber Sanchez, CPAs
Seattle, WA

"We recommend Sterling without reservation to all who have come to a point of decision in their charitable trust and need common sense answers to questions. Sterling's focus is your needs. There is no pressure, no hype and no doubt."

- Rick Given
Caldwell, ID

"It was a pleasure to work together. The management at Sterling were professional, proficient and pleasant in negotiating and completing the sale of the income interest in the charitable remainder trust in which I acted as an advisor to the trustee/beneficiary. You were available and prompt in responding to questions and requests. This was very much appreciated."

- James H. Mayer
Mayer Me