Implementing Vision

Sterling Foundation Management is in business to provide you with a smoothly functioning, highly effective, and fully conforming foundation, so that you are free to enjoy all the pleasures, gratification, and satisfaction that a well-run foundation provides. By putting our experience and expertise to work for your foundation, we assure you an enjoyable, hassle-free experience; we also offer you expert charitable tax planning assistance, and a whole range of options to make your dollars go further, help your charities achieve more, effectively share your vision with your family, and achieve your charitable goals.

Sterling Provides Complete Foundation Management

Sterling makes having a private foundation easy, rewarding and worry-free. Our team is dedicated to managing your foundation so that you can focus on your charitable interests, not on burdensome regulations and paperwork. Our experienced staff and specialized systems make sure that your foundation meets all of the necessary legal and technical requirements - so you can get the maximum enjoyment and fulfillment from being a philanthropist.

Sterling offers our clients a comprehensive set of services and benefits. We:

Make your gifts more effective. Because our staff has decades of experience funding, creating and directing charitable programs, we can help your dollars do more to advance your goals.

  • We can help you develop, implement and continuously improve programs that make a real difference.
  • We can use our knowledge of existing charities to help you find the best organization to advance your mission.
  • We can negotiate on your behalf, to make sure that your vision and goals are achieved.
  • We can help you properly evaluate grant requests.

Multiply the value of your gifts. By using various methods and approaches, we can ensure that your gift is leveraged as effectively as possible. It is not uncommon to make a dollar attract two, three, or even four times as much other money. This leverage is one way that the most sophisticated charitable foundations achieve maximum results. Spent properly, thousands of dollars can result in millions of dollars of new programs.

Involve your family. Many of our clients, even as they enjoy their own success, have a strong desire to share their vision of a better world, and to teach their values to their children, grandchildren or other young people. Sterling's Vision, Values and Family program is a systematic, hands-on approach to using your private foundation to teach your philanthropic values, encourage charitable behavior and develop your own family tradition of philanthropy.

Take care of the administration and compliance details so you don't have to. Sterling manages all of the details of your foundation, including:

  • Complete bookkeeping, financial statements, and accounting services.
  • Complete tax services.
  • Maintaining your foundation in good standing, including all necessary corporate and attorney general filings, state filing fees, and required informational reporting.
  • Administering grant disbursements.
  • Keeping complete grant compliance files for your foundation.
  • Constantly monitoring changes in tax laws and state regulations.
  • Maintaining all required archival material.
  • Post-grant evaluation and fulfillment.

Provide expert advice on technical issues. Whether it is a question of charity tickets, prohibited transactions, restricted gifts, or any of the other hundreds of potential issues, our staff knows the rules for private foundations. The IRS levies considerable penalty taxes against foundations that don't carefully follow the regulations; Sterling eliminates that concern for your foundation.

Focus on having your foundation do what you want. Sterling's staff will work with you in many additional areas to help you get more from your foundation. For example, we have worked with other clients, and can work with you, to:

  • Refine your vision and mission;
  • Establish measures of effectiveness;
  • Permanently maintain your intent and direction;
  • Use public relations to advance your goals;
  • Attain public charity board membership;
  • Allow otherwise nondeductible gifts to foreign charities to be tax-deductible; and
  • Help determine the best way to spark new interest in your ideas.