David Murray

Managing Director

David Murray

David Murray is a Managing Director at Sterling Foundation Management, a national provider of back-office management for private foundations, charitable trusts, donor advised funds, and other charitable entities.

Dave works with a variety of audiences including attorneys, accountants, and financial advisors, primarily on secondary planning for charitable remainder trusts (CRTs), the tax implications of CRTs, and the role CRTs play in the estate and wealth planning of affluent clients.

Dave has been active in philanthropy and charitable planning since 2001 and spends most of his time educating advisors on various planning techniques. He speaks frequently on philanthropy to a range of audiences.

Dave received an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering and an MBA from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario and a master’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Alberta. He is a registered Professional Engineer (non-practicing). Dave has also completed a number of financial services industry courses.

Dave's personal focus is spending time with his wife and two young children. He enjoys tennis, running, biking, skiing, and traveling.

Direct: (703) 997-4717
Email: David.Murray@Sterling-Foundations.com