Project Manager

Karen Borer began working for Sterling in 2009 as a research analyst in the marketing department. As her role expanded and she took on increasing responsibilities, she was promoted to Project Manager for CRT Secondary Planning Services in 2017. In this capacity, Karen manages all aspects of pre-closing, closing and post-closing activity for the sales of CRT income interests and CRT rollovers. 

Karen’s strong management and customer service skills, coupled with her keen attention to detail, ensure that CRT Secondary Planning transactions are seen through to successful completion. She works closely with all parties involved – buyers and sellers and their advisors, Sterling’s outside counsel and escrow agents – to make sure all contractual requirements are completed accurately and in a timely manner. This includes the preparation by Sterling’s outside counsel of sale documents, buyer and seller execution of documents, completion of buyer due diligence, buyer transfer to escrow, seller payment from escrow and the transfer of CRT administration from seller to buyer after escrow.

Prior to joining Sterling, Karen gained valuable experience working in the commercial real estate industry.