Strategic Growth Partners

Executive Summary

Advisors with at least $100 million of Assets Under Management (or equivalent) are eligible to apply for one of a limited number of slots to become a Strategic Growth Partner with Sterling Advisor Solutions. If you qualify and we partner with you, we guarantee you will benefit, or we’ll write you a check.

In A Nutshell

Two of the biggest growth challenges facing independent advisory firms are:

  1. competition for new clients while simultaneously keep existing clients, and

  2. the risk of losing old clients when the client dies.

Sterling Advisor Solutions Strategic Growth Partners addresses these challenges head on.

We do it by providing our partners preferred access to a set of superbly crafted, turnkey tools, together with the expertise to know when and where to use each tool. We combine this solution capability with an overall marketing system to enable our partners to:

  1. Widen the moats around their businesses

  2. Add new clients and new assets under management

  3. Increase the profitability of existing clients, and

  4. Lock in assets from their best clients, practically forever


What is Strategic Growth Partners?

Strategic Growth Partners is a unique, funded program of Sterling Advisor Solutions. We are accepting a limited number of qualified investment advisory firms to become Strategic Partners. Strategic Partners become eligible to receive a number of valuable benefits, including marketing dollars.

Why Should You Care?

As a Strategic Partner, you will be guaranteed to grow your business, by taking advantage of one or more of the growth avenues provided through Sterling Advisor Solutions:

  1. World class know how;

  2. Ability to leverage proven value-added, turnkey solutions, that we have perfected at the cost of many years and hundreds of thousands of dollars of development;

  3. Marketing dollars, supplied by us, to be used to grow your firm;

  4. Unique marketing tools to make you stand out, such as the opportunity to have your firm’s name on the cover of hard cover books you can use in marketing;

  5. Opportunity to leverage your market intelligence by pooling privacy-protected data and results with other Growth Partners;

  6. Access to a disciplined marketing system.

We'll Provide Ten Thousand Dollars for Your Marketing

We believe so strongly in the concept that we are putting our money where our mouths are, and we are committing up to $10,000 marketing dollars for each of our Strategic Partners to use to grow their businesses.

If we accept you as a Strategic Partner, we’ll commit up to $10,000 dollars for you to use in joint marketing.

Just as in your practice some clients are more important than others, in our running our businesses, we will give priority and focus to Strategic Partners. That doesn’t mean that we will ignore non-Partners. However, Partners will be at the front of the line.

We are so confident (because we’ve done it for other advisors) that we can help you, that we are willing to guarantee to add value. If we select you, and you become a partner, and at the end of the year we have not helped you grow, we will write you a check for up to $10,000, and go our separate ways.

Why We’re Doing This

We have discovered over the course of years that we are best able to help advisors when the advisor also makes a commitment, or more likely reaffirms a commitment, to turn over every stone to provide clients with “best practice” services. “Best practices” are also good business. Providing clients with solutions that are not commodities is good business.

When we are able to build a true relationship, a partnership, with an advisor, the advisor benefits, the advisor’s clients benefit, and we benefit.

We have determined that our best course, and the best course overall for clients, is for us to work closely, in partnership, with a select number of committed advisory firms.

In the past year, we spent over 2321 hours educating over 850 advisors. But it turns out we didn’t do a good enough job. Most of these advisors “get” what we do, but failed to translate the benefits to their clients, or for their practices.

It’s my fault. I and my people didn’t spend enough time with most of these advisors. In considering it, we realized that you are already inundated with information. You don’t need merely more information, as much as you need executable solutions, and a systematic approach to implementation.

And we’ve noticed that when advisors commit to systematically providing those executable solutions to their clients, and do the work to help their clients, both their clients and the advisors’ businesses reap the rewards.

Here’s an example. Phil Hartwell, an advisor in Los Angeles, called one day informing us that one of his clients died. It is always sad when a client dies. But for most advisors it’s sad not only on a personal level, but on a business level too, because a client death typically means the end of that revenue stream.

For Hartwell, however, from a business point of view it was routine administrative matter, because he’s been working with us for years to protect his clients and their heirs (and his revenue stream) in the event that clients die. (Life insurance is not involved. This was strictly a matter of retaining AUM. In case you’re wondering, we do not sell or promote life insurance).

We were able to help Phil, and his client’s family, because we and Phil’s firm share a committed close working relationship. We’ve put a lot into helping him build his business, and that’s good business for us.

With Sterling Advisor Solutions Strategic Growth Partners, we are formalizing the process of building true partnerships with our advisor partners.

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