CRT Advisors (cont.)

“Two of my long-term clients approached me about Sterling’s CRT Program. Given the concept was new to me, Sterling took the time necessary to educate me on the transaction, prior to even considering my clients’ CRTs. I immediately understood and appreciated the value in their program, and Sterling quickly comforted me from both a compliance and regulatory standpoint. I must say that for what seems on the surface to be a complicated transaction, Sterling has a knack for making it easy to understand for clients and their advisors. The transaction itself went very smoothly and provided significant value for both of my clients. I’m already looking for more ways to continue working with Sterling.”

- Vincent E. Westerman, Founder
The Westerman Group
Cleveland, OH

“My client needed more cash than her CRT was providing, but a lump sum cash payment for her entire CRT interest was not the best outcome. A trusted friend and colleague referred me to Sterling. They understood my client’s unique situation and provided a custom solution which my client utilized to sell her CRT interest at an attractive premium to present value. Importantly, the solution Sterling came up with not only satisfied my client’s cash needs, but it also kept in place an income stream which she can reply on in the future, which was important to me, as her financial advisor. My client and her trustee were very pleased with the results, and so was I.”

- O.D. “Buzz” Christensen, Jr., CLU, ChFC
Lincoln Financial Advisors
Salisbury, MD

“We just completed our second CRT income interest sales transaction with Sterling. They were very responsive and highly communicative throughout the entire sale process. The expectations they set up front regarding sale price were clear and ultimately achieved. Our client was very happy with the result. We will continue to utilize their CRT Program again when it becomes appropriate for a client.”

- James R. Feek, CEP, RFC, Managing Director
Conover Feek
Kirkland, WA

“A long-term client of our firm sold his transportation business 10 years ago and set up a NIMCRUT. He had deferred the income for the trust’s duration, but was concerned about market losses within the trust and what rising tax rates would do to his future income stream. The sale of his lead interest was one of five potential solutions which were analyzed. Our client’s CPA and our firm ran the numbers and, with Sterling’s help, presented the various options to our client. After a Holiday cruise, our client came back with his decision: he wanted the most money, which meant the sale of his CRT interest. Over the next few months, Sterling – along with our client’s tax, legal and financial advisors – facilitated the sale of our client’s lead interest. While the transaction was complex, with various moving parts, it was seamless from our client’s perspective. More importantly, it created significant value for him and his family. Just as the decision to create his CRT was sound and in his best economic interest, so was the sale of his lead interest in that same CRT a decade later.

Where the client facts fit, Sterling’s CRT program is a big value-add. All advisors with CRT clients would be remiss if they did not consider and offer this extremely attractive exit strategy.”

- Jim Dyer, Co-Founder
Wealth Preservation Institute
Chicago, IL

“I was very pleased with the service that Sterling provided for a CRT sale. They were very professional as well as very comprehensive in supplying the information and material we needed in order to make this transaction possible. My client is very happy with the outcome!”

- Tiffany A. O’Connell Gillis
O’Connell Gillis LLC
Needham, MA

“I recently helped a client sell his CRT interest through Sterling’s CRT Program. My client was concerned about market instability and this gave him the ability to re-gain control of a valuable income source. He was very pleased, and so was I.”

- Bruce C. Johnson
Bruce C. Johnson & Associates
Rockville, MD

“I recently worked with Sterling to sell the income interest in a client’s CRT. The firm was very knowledgeable, professional and efficient. Documents were prepared in a timely manner, calls were promptly returned, questions were answered. Every aspect was straightforward and transparent. The client was delighted by the amount received in the sale which he was then able to better allocate as part of a broader estate plan. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sterling to anyone who has clients wishing to sell their CRT income interest.”

- Scott Gunderson
Attorney at Law
Reno, NV

“Sterling has facilitated the sale of CRT interests for two of my clients over past couple years. In both cases my clients and I were very happy with the outcome. I'd recommend Sterling to anyone with a CRT who wishes to liquidate their interest, and in doing so, receive maximum financial value.”

- Marvin J. Rudnitsky, Managing Partner
Rudnitsky & Hackman LLP
Selinsgrove, PA

“I've been speaking with Sterling for years so was well aware of their service for facilitating the sale of CRT income interests. I just had my first opportunity to work with Sterling when a client sold their CRT income interest. The transaction was completed very efficiently and my client was happy. Sterling was obviously very experienced and I was able to see first-hand that Sterling is a top-notch firm.”

- Robert K. O'Dell, Co-Founder
Wheaton Wealth Partners
Wheaton, IL

“Thank you for doing such a good job for our client. From beginning to end you handled it in a very professional and expeditious manner. I was impressed.”

- David A. Heitzenroder, Founder
Rosewood Capital/Commonwealth Financial Network
Pittsburgh, PA

“Sterling facilitated the sale of my client’s CRT income interest. Both my client and I are very happy with the result. From a procedural standpoint, closing the sale was seamless. Sterling was very responsive to any questions we had along the way. I look forward to working with Sterling again in the future.”

- Denny Mullen
Mull Capital
Scottsdale, AZ

“Two of our clients sold their CRT income interests in transactions facilitated by Sterling. A key benefit of working with Sterling was the simplicity and smoothness of the process. We were very impressed with the expertise and professionalism of Sterling, including their technical competence, excellent communication and quick response time. We look forward to working with Sterling again in the future.”

- Joel Baker & Kathryn Courain
The J R Baker Group
Buellton, CA

"Sterling just completed the sale of my client’s CRAT and CRUT income interests. It was a positive experience all around and my client is happy. The sale process was straightforward and Sterling was very capable and easy to work with."

- Rosemary Sanchez
Garber Sanchez, CPAs
Seattle, WA

"We recommend Sterling without reservation to all who have come to a point of decision in their charitable trust and need common sense answers to questions. Sterling's focus is your needs. There is no pressure, no hype and no doubt."

- Rick Given
Caldwell, ID

"It was a pleasure to work together. The management at Sterling were professional, proficient and pleasant in negotiating and completing the sale of the income interest in the charitable remainder trust in which I acted as an advisor to the trustee/beneficiary. You were available and prompt in responding to questions and requests. This was very much appreciated."

- James H. Mayer
Mayer Mediation Services