Sterling Drives Results at the Fauquier Free Clinic

The mission of the Fauquier Free Clinic is to provide medical help to families and individuals who cannot afford health care. Since opening in 1993, the clinic has had difficulty serving the needs of all community members who rely on its services.

In 2007, the Fauquier Free Clinic partnered with Sterling to determine how it could serve more people who signed up for its services. Sterling conducted a deep analysis of the clinic’s operations, identifying several bottlenecks that could be eliminated through the hiring of one full time worker focused exclusively on case management. Sterling also found ways to expand the clinic’s pharmacy without increasing costs—one of the major expenses of any free clinic. The clinic has become one of the crown jewels in Fauquier County, a place where families who previously had no access to medical insurance can now address their medical needs. Watch the video above to learn more.