Sterling’s Impact on the Epilepsy Therapy Project

When Warren Lammert learned that his daughter had epilepsy, he decided to launch the Epilepsy Therapy Project to accelerate the development of new treatments for the disease. Initially, locating the right partner for this project proved difficult. After all, Lammert wasn’t content with simply contributing funds to epilepsy research; he wanted to have a direct impact on the outcome of the project.

Understanding that he needed the experience and expertise of an organization to help execute what would be a very complicated project, Lammert decided to partner with Sterling. Sterling recruited an executive director for the initiative, assembled an advisory board to coach scientists on the business end of drug development, and ultimately, helped speed a number of new epilepsy medications to market. Many people who are afflicted with epilepsy are now benefitting directly from medications that can be traced to the efforts of the Epilepsy Therapy Project.

In addition, Sterling managed all the administrative tasks associated with creating and running the project, including the tax implications, legal implications, and filings. This enabled Lammert and his colleagues to focus their efforts and attention on what truly mattered—making a difference. Watch the video above to learn more.