Charitable Remainder Trusts On the Rise

(The Chronicle of Philanthropy, 10 July 2014)

Summary: The oldest baby boomers have reached the average age—68 years—at which people create Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRTs). Considering the size of the baby boomer demographic, this should result in a surge in new CRTs over the next two decades.

Our Thoughts: Another reason for a potential surge in CRTs over the next 20 years is that people are beginning to realize CRTs aren’t as inflexible as originally thought. Even though CRTs are technically irrevocable by law, that doesn’t mean that individuals don’t have options. In fact, many find that they are better off making changes to their CRT—even when they are satisfied with the terms and payouts of their trust.

How Sterling Can Help: View our CRT Testimonals page to learn how Sterling has helped CRT owners exercise an array of options they hadn’t known existed, such as a sale of their income interest.