Charitable Remainder Trust Services

Don Mehlig: Founder of M Advisory Group and CRT Owner

Barry Gorsun: President of Top Gun Sales Performance and CRT Owner

David Seems: Managing Partner of Business Advisors LLC

Private Foundations


"I've been practicing in the trusts and estates area for thirty years, and I've seen quite a few private foundations in that time. In the past, every time we created one, we carefully explained the administrative and compliance requirements to our clients. Yet we still worried about whether, over time, the client would dot every i and cross every t. If we send them to you [Sterling Foundation Management], we know the administration and compliance will be done, and done right."

- Tim Baetz, Head of Estate Planning Department
McDermott, Will & Emery, Chicago, IL

"As CPAs and management consultants, we do lots of tax calculations and financial projections. But until I reviewed Sterling's analysis of the economics of lifetime giving, I never fully realized just how much value can be created with a carefully planned program of optimal private foundation funding. Depending on the circumstances, Sterling can show creators of foundations how they can use good tax planning to double the amount their foundations have, and yet still leave more for their children."

- Barry Bondroff, CPA, Partner
Gorfine, Schiller & Gardyn, PA, Owings Mills, MD

"Sterling Foundation Management offers a unique opportunity for advisors with high net worth clients to capture a share of the growing market for private foundation assets. They create and manage private foundations on a turnkey basis. Their services are tailored to mesh seamlessly with investment advisory and financial planning services, so that the client's experience is very smooth and hassle free. I know, I am a Sterling client personally. And my firm has a strategic alliance with Sterling which enables me to provide my clients access to turnkey private foundation solutions. Our alliance with Sterling is not only good for our clients, it is very profitable for us, too."

- David Gemmer
Gemmer Asset Management, Walnut Creek, CA

“I have known the principals of Sterling for over fifteen years. They have a great deal of experience in all aspects of charitable activity. The rules and regulations surrounding private foundations are extensive and formidable. Anyone who has a private foundation or is planning to create one must make certain that the foundation complies with all these rules and regulations. Generally, that requires professional management, and I can think of no one better qualified than Sterling to provide these important services.”

- Ron Ben-Yehuda, Partner
Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, Los Angeles, CA

Clients and Professionals

"Developing programs and activities which will make a real difference in people's lives is our top priority. Sterling has played a vital role in helping us achieve our goals of helping people. If you have a private foundation and you care about making a difference, you need to contact them."

- Ellen Hunt
Rudd Foundation, Napa, CA

“You have bridged the gap between ‘Knowing versus Doing.’ For the busy professional with long-term charitable goals, this is a huge problem. Sterling provides the solution with both knowledge and action.”

- Jack Russo, Chairman
The Foundation for Creativity in Dispute Resolution, Palo Alto, CA

“Private foundations have played a vital role in solving a number of important public health and medical issues. Once-terrible scourges like yellow fever and polio no longer threaten us and our children. However, today there is much critical research— research that could lead to the cure of many diseases, the easing of much suffering, and to longer, healthier lives for all of us — that is underfunded or not funded at all. Private philanthropy, most notably the philanthropy of private foundations, can fill that gap. The people at Sterling Foundation Management, whom I’ve known for years, are doing their part to help by making it easy and convenient for people to create and run their own private foundations. I salute them.”

- Dr. Steven Simon
Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

“Sterling provides a complete solution to foundation creation and management, enabling our family to focus on the most important aspects of giving.”

- Charles and Jane Fink, Founders
The Charlie and Jane Fink Charitable Fund, Oakton, VA
Musical Development Fund, Washington, DC



"Sterling arranged the sale of my client's income interest in a term CRT. The transaction was financially fulfilling to my client, as the sales price exceeded the values of other options they had with respect to the CRT. Both our firm and the client found the process straightforward and Sterling easy to work with. We won't hesitate to turn to Sterling again when the client facts fit."

- Benjamin T. White, Partner
Alston + Bird LLP, Atlanta GA

"I worked closely with Sterling to complete the sale of a Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) income interest for valued clients. My clients and I were very happy with the result, which saw my clients receive lump-sum payments at a desirable premium to net present value. The process was very straightforward and all my dealings with Sterling were open, honest and highly professional. I would not hesitate to work with Sterling again on future CRT transactions and would recommend them to any advisor wanting to secure a similar desirable outcome for their client."

- Karen Streisfeld-Leitner, Counsel
McLaughlin & Stern LLP, New York, NY

"All advisors ought to know that this potential for liquidity exists. It creates important flexibility for the client, which may have significant economic value. If you make a client aware and they don't want to do anything, no one is out. But if you don't tell them, and they might have benefited, they could be hurt and that could be an actionable omission. So it's clearly a case where it makes sense to inform all clients who have CRTs that they may be able to benefit from a sale of their lead interest."

- Alan P. Dye, Partner
Webster, Chamberlain & Bean, Washington, DC
Chairman, Washington Non-Profit Legal and Tax Conference


“This is such a relief, to have gotten control back of the funds we had invested in
the CRT. We have plans that will much better suit and aid our retirement, and are kicking up our heels in glee! I want to thank you again for your knowledge and expertise, and your courtesy. You're all great, you are truly professionals and a credit to the financial world and the world in general. Good job, thank you for everything. We'll sing your praises whenever we get the chance!”

- Dean & Margo Hamilton
San Diego, CA

"My family’s long term financial objectives were not in synch with the continuance of the charitable remainder trust that our parents had established. Prior inquiries into how this trust could be altered proved fruitless. I live in greater NY, the epicenter of scam, and when I received a mailing from Sterling, offering me a remedy that had proven illusive, I viewed this with a weather eye. Through conversations, emailings, and the prompt receipt of all the resource information that I requested, they satisfied my skepticism with fact and reassurance at every juncture. My CPA and attorney initially could not offer a remedy but their independent reviews did result in the nod to go forward. The process from introduction to the final wiring of my funds was concluded without a glitch in about 10 days. A heartfelt thank you!"

- Dr. Harvey Estren
Lindenhurst, NY

"Once I crunched the numbers, selling my CRT lead interest was an easy decision for me. The transaction itself is analogous to a real estate transaction. Sterling – as the broker – found a buyer willing to pay more for my CRT interest than I could have gotten from other options I had on the table. They facilitated the sale at a price that exceeded the value to me of keeping the CRT, and their buyer significantly outbid a competing offer I had received. I am better off financially because of the transaction and believe that anyone with a CRT should look hard at the sale option. Very satisfied client."

- Josh T. Barnes
Charlevoix, MI

"Sterling provided a valuable service to me and my family by facilitating the successful liquidation of our CRT income interest. They were attentive, professional, easy to work with, and able to find a buyer within a tight timeframe, allowing us to close the transaction by year's end. We are extremely thankful to Sterling and would certainly recommend them to others considering their CRT Liquidity Program."

- Winter K. Mead
San Francisco, CA

“I recently sold my CRT income interest through Sterling’s CRT Liquidity Program. The process was straightforward and I found Roger Silk and his staff to be courteous and responsive. I was very pleased financially with the outcome and would encourage other income beneficiaries to carefully consider this option.”

- Howard R. Champion
Bethesda, MD