Current Events

Your vision, your family, your private foundation: What happens when you're gone?

(Worth Magazine, Portraits of Excellence, Dec-Jan 2016-17)

10 Reasons why Philanthropy is Good for Business

(Guest Article by Krystal Kiley in the Wealth Report)

Is Your Client's CRT Still a Good Fit?

(Worth Magazine, Power 100, Oct-Nov 2016)

10 Reasons Why a Private Foundation is the Entity of Choice by the Wealthy

(10 Reasons to use a Private Foundation for Your Charitable Giving, September 2016)

What is the Best Way to Leave a Legacy?

(Worth Magazine, New America, Aug-Sep 2016)

Charitable Remainder Trusts: A New Look at an Old Planning Strategy

(Atlantic Trust, The Advisor: Insights for Integrated Wealth Planning, Q2 2016)

Sterling Summarizes Why More Families are Creating Foundations

(Top 5 Reasons to Create a Private Foundation, April 2016)

Relationship Between Charity and Supplier Raises Eyebrows

(The Wall Street Journal, 21 December 2015)

When Do Trusts Make Sense for Families?

(The Wall Street Journal, 23 July 2015)

Charitable Remainder Trusts On the Rise

(The Chronicle of Philanthropy, 10 July 2014)


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